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My first post!

This is my first post on this new blog, hopefully I will stick with it. I think maybe it could help with my feelings and be sort of a therapy like thing. I don’t know. Anyway, just expect a lot of bitching, ramblings, thoughts, links, music, just anything really I guess. Whatever I feel like conversing about, which I am not good at doing but I will try to on this blog. Hopefully it will be an outlet for some feelings and a way to open up kind of.

Anyway, thank you for checking it out and following my future posts if you do!

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Queens I Would Like to See on RPDR Season 10

***** Obligatory “This is just my opinion and who I would love to see on the season, so don’t yell at me for having an opinion” disclaimer thing *****

As a HUGE fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race and the entire universe of drag, I wish I could see every queen on the show. But here is my list of 25 that I think should be considered for the upcoming season. I would have absolutely put Porcelain on here, but I have read that she is not interested in doing the show (totally nothing wrong with that I get it), so I did not put her on here. But yeah, if you don’t know any of these queens, do follow them and check out their work:

  1. Rhiannon Cortez: It is DAMN time for an Arkansas queen on the show, and what better queen to represent us than the force that is Rhiannon. (Instagram: @rhiannoncortez)
  2. Aquaria: Um…… you NEED to know who Aquaria is. She is one of the most iconic queens in the scene right now, truly. (Instagram: @ageofaquaria)
  3. J:  Editorials ain’t GOT SHIT on huh!!!! (Instagram: @callme.j)
  4. Wednesday Westwood: One of my absolute favorites, she SLAYED the Babadook AND Siouxsie Sioux. A queen truly after my own cold dead heart…. (Instagram: @wednesday_westwood)
  5. Discord Addams: Chicago is absolutely lucky to have her in their drag scene. A heavy metal queen with a sharp wit, who always makes sparks fly with her performances. (Instagram: @discordaddams)
  6. Rubber Child: Everyone’s favorite Floridian internet shitshow. Makeup goals as all hell. Someone send her some nudes and tell her to audition like, weeks ago. (Instagram: @myrubberchild) 
  7. Kahanna Montrese: Yes, that’s right….. the drag daughter of Coco. And she is NOT JOKING BITCH with being fabulous AF. (Instagram: @kahannamontrese)
  8. Eva Young: A Chicago queen that is the utter definition of ‘divine beauty’. (Instagram: @evayoung_)
  9. Mayhem Miller: IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!! (Instagram: @theonlymayhem)
  10. Hungry: The face that slayed 1000 club floors. (Instagram: @isshehungry)
  11. Symone The Ebony Enchantress: Another Arkansas queen that absolutely would GO AWFFF on the competition. (Instagram: empress_symone)
  12. Chloe Waldorf: Do NOT be sleeping on Chloe and her immaculate lqqks. (Instagram: @chloewaldorf) 
  13. Creme Fatale: I am so obsessed, and Trixie Mattel is as well…. with good reason!!! I also adore the fact that she lipsyncs Siouxsie and the Banshees song, a queen for me, truly! (Instagram: @cremefatale)
  14. Claire Weiß: Young, sprung, and killing the makeup game okcurrr. (Instagram: @theonlyclaireweiss)
  15. Ariel Versace: A Jersey queen that has always been killing it, always. Forever. (Instagram: @arielversace)
  16. Soju Love: One of my favorites (Chicago just really has a bunch of poppin’ performers!) who has her own YT show (Shot With Soju) and would be amazing on the show. (Instagram: @shotwithsoju)
  17. James Majesty: Always iconic and looking STUN. (Instagram: @jamesmajesty)
  18. Lacey Lou: She always has me shooketh when I see her posts. (Instagram: @laceymcfadyen)
  19. Kalypso Bang: Eat your heart, Grace Jones. (Instagram: @kalypso_bang)
  20. Cherry Kills: She’s Australian, she invented the color red, and she speaks up about issues in the LGBTQ+ community. What more could you want??? (Instagram: @queencherrykills)
  21. Holly White: French, and I have been hoping she would go on for a few seasons. (Instagram: @mikahollywhite)
  22. Yuri Guaìí: I am utterly obsessed and literally everyone else should be too. (Instagram: @yuriguaii) 
  23. Admira Thunderpussy: An immaculate Swedish (I am pretty sure, but correct me if not) queen that always has me screaming and wishing I looked like her. (Instagram: @admirathunderpssy)
  24. Charity Kase: Always serving out-of-the-dragbox, unique looks…… and no, I’m not just listing her because she and I share a first name. Though that is pretty tight because she does so many lqqks that I’m like ‘omg I would love to do that’ about. (Instagram: @charitykase) 
  25. BibleGirl: Everyone’s favorite internet celebrity, and Kiley wishes she was her. It seems like almost every time I get on twitter, she is spilling T or having it out with someone. So I feel like she would bring the drama and shade in the show, and shut down any foolery. I don’t know. Not sure if WoW would work with her again after “354 Gate”…… (Instagram: @biblegirl666) 

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My Top 3 Runway Lqqks (from the first 7 episodes)

Since I just recently decided to do this, I’ll be doing my top 3 main runway looks for all the episodes so far this season. Then I may do one of for my top 3 of each episode for the rest of this season, who knows with me. Anyway, here goes:

Episode 1: Gaga Runway

Sasha, Shea, Farrah

Episode 2: White Party

Valentina, Shea, Charlie

Episode 3: Fairytale Princess

Sasha, Charlie, Trinity

Episode 4: Naughty Nighties

Sasha, Valentina, Trinity

Episode 5: Faux Fur

Sasha, Shea, Farrah

Episode 6: Madonna Runway pt. 2

Sasha, Trinity, Valentina

Episode 7: Big Hair 

Sasha, Shea, Aja


As you can see, I really love Sasha. She is my favorite this season followed closely behind by Shea-dy Coulee-dy. For Top 3, I assumed Aja would make it there and I was quite surprised (and kind of mad and sad tbh) to see her go this past episode. So, my predictions for top 3 now are: Trinity, Shea, and *hopefully* Sasha, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Valentina made it to top 3. I really hope Sasha wins but I will be happy if Shea wins and at least tons of people have seen how amazing Sasha is and are being exposed to a different style of drag.

Okay thank you for reading! ❤

My Soundtrack To My High School Years

I made this up because it seemed like a neato idea (though I’m sure this is probably a thing already somewhere, like MySpace) and so…. Come up with 13 songs to describe your highschool career and, if you want to, tell why it relates to your teenage days! Here is my Highschool Soundtrack:

***** TW: I talk about abuse and things *******

  1. “Voodoo Dolly” – Siouxsie and the Banshees
    • One time in speech class, we had to do a ‘how to’ speech. And of course, being the angsty weirdo I was, decided to do a ‘how to’ on making a voodoo doll. Part of the reason for that was because I shared that class with a few people that made fun of me a lot, so I thought it was a way to intimidate them and passively tell them to “fuck off”. One of them rolled their eyes in the class at me a few times during my speech and another person told the teacher that I shouldn’t be allowed to give my voodoo doll speech because she was “uncomfortable with me pushing my Satanism onto her and everyone”. Teacher let me do it anyway, and later a friend and I put the voodoo doll in one of the girl’s locker (I know, dumb). Well she freaked out and her parents came to the school bitching about how they allowed me to spread my anti-Christian propaganda. At least they left me alone after that!
  2. “Kill Your Wife” – The Bomb Party
    • This one may be TMI but essentially, my dad and stepmom are the reason my mom died. They are the reason she became so depressed and stopped eating, and died. They bullied her, lied to her, and made her feel ugly, unwanted, and like she had no way out. Then my dad took me away from her, when I wanted to stay with her. They only did that to fuck with her and so they didn’t have to pay child support. I will never ever forgive them (especially my dad) for what they put my mom through, and I think that’s a damn fine reason to hate them.
  3. “Static Jesus” – Shadow Project
    • Growing up in the Bible Belt in a tiny town in the Ozarks of Arkansas was rough, especially for a closet atheist, pansexual goth. My dad and stepmom used to force me to go to church to try to get the ‘devil out of me’. I absolutely hated going, I was always so uncomfortable there. If I said I didn’t want to go, I would get physically hurt by my dad. I would always wish that I would wake up dead on Sundays. This is one of the many reasons I started self-harming.
  4. “I Can’t Live in a Living Room” – Red Zebra
    • My dad was a very controlling person, but mostly with me out of the 4 kids. I wasn’t allowed to be in my bedroom unless it was bedtime (and I rarely got to sleep there) and I was never allowed to shut my bedroom door or a bathroom door when I was in it. I always had to be sitting in the living room on the couch when he was home or when he came home, or else I would get physically hurt from him and grounded from everything for a month. I was so relieved and bewildered when I went off to college and had a dorm and could shut my door and the door to the bathrooms and showers. It was a whole new experience to me. Unfortunately I had to move back into his house for a little bit after my first year of college during the summer. One day I went to the bathroom and forgot about the ‘no shutting the door’ rule that only applied to me, and he came pounding on the door, kicked it in, dragged me out by my hair, hit me, then called the cops on me saying I was disobeying and physically assaulted him. What had happened was that when he dragged me out by my hair, I was clawing at his arm and hand to let me go. I feel like anyone would have done that. Since my dad was tight with the podunk ass cops, they of course took his side though I had bruises, but they didn’t care. That sealed the deal 100% of my hatred for cops and that is how I got in trouble for domestic violence.  
  5. “Hometown Drag Queen” – Bell Tower Bats
    • I wore a lot of *unblended and harsh* makeup (and black) during high school, and got called a lot of names. Someone even called me a “dead looking ugly ass drag queen”, which is something that I would take as a compliment. One time, the class elected me as Fall Festival queen for our grade, as a joke. I didn’t want to do it but I did. Everyone laughed when I went on stage. I felt awful and kind of like Carrie. Unfortunately, I did not have her powers. 
  6. “Charlotte Sometimes” – The Cure
    • This was before I discovered that non-binary and pansexuality was, and so I felt like I was in the wrong body sometimes. I felt invisible a lot too. 
  7. “Release the Bats” – The Birthday Party
    • Everyday was Halloween with me, and I always felt like everywhere I went I had a cloud of metaphorical bats with me that helped keep people at bay. Weird probably, I know. 
  8. “Spit and Rape” – Jack Off Jill
    • I was sexually abused during these years, as well as verbally and physically. I wanted revenge so badly. 
  9. “The Dark Romantics” – The Awakening
    • I was really into vampires back then and being like one (awkward I know, but at least it was in a ‘Lost Boys’ way not a ‘Twilight’ way). And this song makes me think of people who think they’re vampires so it’s very on brand for me.
  10. “Moon Without a Tear” – Gitane Demone and Rozz Williams
    • I felt so alone all of the time. I always was hoping that someone would help me out of the hellhole I lived in, but every time I told anyone about it, be it a friend or counselor….. No one seemed to care.
  11. “Devil in my Room” – Inca Babies
    • I felt like though my room was my only kind of safe place, it was also where I would be alone with my thoughts (which were mostly not good ones) and would hurt myself. I wanted to die so so bad so I would never have to wake up in the place again.
  12. “Outside Looking In” – Dream Sequence
    • I wanted so bad for someone to see how I was being treated and how my dad truly was, but it seemed like everyone saw my dad as a ‘good man’ because he put on an act, and even the people I would tell about what was going on, they were like “Well he is your dad and you should respect your elders”, so I gave up and stopped trying to tell anyone because it seemed no one gave a shit. And so I started bottling up everything. To this day, I am still trying to learn to be open to people and discuss my personal issues and how I feel. It is not easy.
  13. “A Song of Deep Hate” – Hagar the Womb
    • I was full of a lot of hate back then. I even had to do anger management in high school. I was mad at my mom for ‘abandoning me’ with my dad when she died, though I know now that was silly and am not mad at her anymore. I still wish it was him (or me) who had died instead of her. I hated my step-mom and dad for what they did, and I still do (and I’m not ashamed to say that because my emotions are valid and I feel like I have good reasons to hate them). I hated everyone for not seeing how my homelife really was, for not listening to me, and for being happy while I was suffering. And I really really hated myself for being a failure, never being able to please anyone, for being ‘damaged goods’, for being different because of how I was, and for not dying instead of my mom. I am not as full of hate and anger as I used to be, but I am still working on not hating myself so much.

Thank you for reading and hopefully not judging me too bad…… you can do it too if you want, you do you boo.

20 People Who Would’ve Been Better Guest Judges Than Meghan Fuckin’ Trainor

Bein’ a bitter Betty ’bout it, I guess. Anyway, here goes:

  1. Nina Hagen – ICONIC OKAY
  2. Siouxsie Sioux – ALSO ICONIC AS ALL HELL
  3. Cyndi Lauper
  4. Elvira (again) – we can never get enough
  5. Dolly Parton – invite Trixie as well so she could meet her
  6. Cher – I’ve been waiting my whole life for this
  7. Bjork – Now that everyone looked up who Bjork was after Katya’s snatch game, I think this is fundamental
  8. Lydia Lunch – Henry Rollins in season 2, Lydia Lunch one day hopefully
  9. Nick Cave – I know very unlikely and probably awkward as all hell but he’d be a much better judge than Trainor and he would be entertaining AF!
  10. David Lynch – Another one that may be odd but hella entertaining
  11. Me! –  No one knows me but I think I am pretty entertaining at times. Maybe.
  12. Katya AND Trixie – Everyone and their dying grandmother (call 1-800-99 LAW USA today for a free legal consultation and financial information packet. Mesothelioma patients call now! 1-800-99 LAW USA) would tune in and Ru KNOWS it.
  13. Boy George – Fundamental icon
  14. Marc Almond – Another fundamental icon
  15. Shrinkle from Sugarpill – with as much as some of the queens promote Sugarpill, they should get her on the show.
  16. James St. James – I’ve been waiting
  17. Amanda Lepore – she JUST put out a book, soooo promote my sister! I need to get my copy asap…. if only I could go back in time to get her to sign it…..
  18. Rubber Child and Lisa Limbaugh aka Lasagna Limbs – another duo that people would tune in just to see
  19. Porkchop – Give the people god please
  20. Tilda Swinton – Would be entertaining af


10 Animal Accounts You Gotta Follow on Instagram!

I follow a LOT of pet accounts on Instagram, my Instagram feed is essentially just drag and gant dogs, and it’s the only reason I get on Instagram anymore since I never take selfies anymore. And so I decided to share 10 accounts that you should definitely follow to make your feed more kawaii and uplifting or something. If you don’t have Instagram, then here are 10 reasons to make an account:

  1. Nazgûl the Great (@onlytheatreofdane) – Nothing wrong with some self-promotion okay MY SON IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL AND HIS ACCOUNT IS FUNDAMENTAL OKAY HENNY SPAGHETTIS!!!1!!
  2. Donnie Barko (@donniebarko) – This dude is precious and his parents know how to run an account. If I ever got another little dog I would want one like this.
  3. Wilford Brimley, Brim for short (@brimthemastiff ): This dog is my spirit animal and has the BEST facial expressions, like look at this one, just look at it.
  4. Casper the Cat ( This is the furbaby of my cousin, and I have met him before and he knows he is photogenic for sure. I think my cousin has even gotten some photos of him in the local newspaper before.
  5. Vanya Velour (@vanya.velour): Yes, this is the furbaby of Rupaul’s Drag Race season 9 contestant, Sasha Velour.
  6. Dogue (@nuttydoguelover): Another face (or 3 faces????) with a million expressions.
  7. Frederick Griffington (@frederickgriffington): He looks like the angriest old gnome man and I love it.
  8. Sweetie the Capybara (@sweetiecapy): Sweetie is fashion, get over it. Capybaras are so cute, don’t deny it.
  9. KFPS Beautiful Friesian Horses (@royal_friesian): While this account isn’t for one particular horse, it is an account that shares photos of many lovely Friesians. If you don’t know what a Friesian is, go check out the account. They’re essentially the gothest horse. Go clock the video on the 7th row and tell me how stunning that is.
  10. Finlay and Beckett (@finlaydoodledooandbecketttoo): I love love love love love love love love Irish Wolfhounds and Beckett is so handsome. I cannot wait to get our Wolfhound puppy!!

I hope these accounts make your feed more exciting and also appreciate animal accounts you wouldn’t think to follow (like capybaras and horses). Enjoy, and also if you’re not in Dogspotting or Cool Dog Group on Facebook you need to be! I wish horse spotting was a thing too. But yeah anyway animals! ❤

10 Bands on Bandcamp That You Should Check Out, Like, Last Wednesday…

I decided this was a good idea since these may not be bands that you’ve yet encountered on bandcamp, and they are ones I highly recommend if you are also a peruser of the site (or haven’t yet went adventuring through for new music to go deaf to). At least listen to one song from each of these bands, because they deserve that and you might be missing out on something you’ll hella vibe with! If you don’t check out all of these bands out though, I won’t go to ANY of your children’s plays or events, not sorry about it! Anyway, thank you for reading and enjoy!

  1. Shrouds (California):

    2. Also if you’d like a shirt or pins, hit up the members, they’ve got the goods!
    3. For fans of: deathrock (like Rozz/Christian Death deathrock and PART 1) and also for fans of  hella stocking up on Halloween paper plates.
  2. Feeding Fingers (Italy):

    2. I know I share them a lot but PLEASE just give them a chance, you will love Feeding Fingers I swear on your estranged aunt’s grave plot that you will!
    3. For fans of: darkwave, The Cure, and burning old love letters in your grandparents’ George Foreman grill that you inherited.
  3. Replicant (Bitch, they’re from CHICAGO!):

    2. Okay so there is this festival in Chicago, COLD WAVES VI, and they’re playing (along with Drab Majesty, Cold Cave, and Stabbing Westward) and I want to go so bad and you should definitely try to go yourself!
    3. If you go to their Facebook page , their pinned post is a teaser for new music in the works!
    4. For fans of: darkwave, Depeche Mode, and pretending like you are a robot during one-night stands.
  4. pankow (Italy): 

    2. I just discovered them recently and I was like “What why did I not know them before?!”
    3. For fans of: Joy Division, Blessure Grave, and wailing outside of IKEA on your birthday.
  5. Mary (Toronto):

    2. Another band I discovered in recent times and was like “WHAT?! I’m so old and out of the loop!”
    3. For fans of: Switchblade Symphony, Clan of Xymox, and trying to drown yourself when it rains like how turkeys do.
  6. Bleach Birth (Asheville, NC):

    2. One of my favorite people ever of all time did a review on this album and you should definitely read it.
    3. For fans of: Cemetery, Icons of Filth, and shouting “I’m crust goth” at college parties every hour.
  7. Underpass (San Diego): 

    2. I am so obsessed with this band, it is maybe weird.
    3. For fans of: Robert Smith’s vocals, The Chameleons, and daydreaming of walking your dog but like in space.
  8. Trauma Harness (St. Louis, MO): 

    2. I know this album is older but it is the first thing I heard of theirs and my favorite.
    3. For fans of: Christian Death, Eat Your Makeup, and shot-gunning 3 beers before getting baptized.
  9. Masquerade (Helsinki):

    2. Get their latest LP if you’ve not already!
    3. For fans of: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Untoward Children, and hiding candy corn in your teased bob.
  10. Ghost Bones (Arkansas represent!):

    2. I really, really need to see them perform because they’re about the only local band I dig. Well okay the only one.
    3. For fans of: Jack Off Jill, Dekoder, and watching the OG Godzilla on loop whilst horned up.

Top 5 looks of each RPDR season 9 Queen

I was supposed to post this weeks ago…. but, the night I started writing it….. I was really messed up. Like it was stupid. I had to fix what I had written/linked to. Anyway, these are 5 looks each of queens on season 9 that I hella dig (not including ones on the show or the NYC premiere event I watched). Here is the intro I amazingly typed out the night I started this post:

I am super excited and cannot wait for March 24th when the season starts. I even watched the first 20 minutes of the first episode on YouTube (sue me, I was excited and couldn’t resist). I have decided to share 5 of my favorite looks of each season 9 queen. Disclaimer: I will not be including the outfits I saw them wearing on the show because I’m nice  like that and don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I MAY however include look from the NYC Meet the Queens party. Anyways, enjoy and gag on these fierce looks!

Thank you for reading/looking at my blog and check out the lqqks below!

Aja: Aja 1 , Aja 2 , Aja 3 , Aja 4 , and Aja5 !

Alexis Michelle: Alexis Michelle 1 , Alexis 2 , Alexis 3Alexis 4 and Alexis 5

Charlies Hides: Charlie Hides 1 , Charlie Hides 2 , Charlie Hides 3 , Charlie Hides 4 , and Charlie Hides 5

Eureka O’Hara: Eureka 1 , Eureka 2 , Eureka 3 , Eureka 4 , and Eureka 5

Farrah Moan: Farrah 1 , Farrah 2 , Farrah 3 , Farrah 4 , and Farrah 5

Jaymes Mansfield: Jaymes 1  , Jaymes 2 , Jaymes 3 , Jaymes 4 , and Jaymes 5

Kimora Blac: Kimora 1 , Kimora 2 , Kimora 3 , Kimora 4 , and Kimora 5

Peppermint: Peppermint 1 , Peppermint 2  , Peppermint 3 , Peppermint 4 , and Peppermint 5

Sasha Velour: Sasha 1 , Sasha 2 , Sasha 3 , Sasha 4 , and Sasha 5

Shea Coulee: Shea 1 , Shea 2 , Shea 3 , Shea 4 , and Shea 5

Trinity Taylor: Trinity 1 , Trinity 2 , Trinity 3 , Trinity 4 , and Trinity 5

Valentina: Valentina 1  , Valentina 2 , Valentina 3 , Valentina 4 , and Valentina 5


10 of My Favorite Performances

So since my last post was of 150+ queens you need to know, I decided I wanted to do 10 performances that I loved by queens. So here is the list with links to videos. If you have the chance to see any of these queens live, please do. You will not be disappointed. Also, I have a drag-themed tumblr that I just made and will be posting drag content on, including doing a ‘queen of the day’ everyday as well. Anyway, here are the performances you should check out:

  1. Trixie Mattel performing an ORIGINAL song . If any of the Ru girls deserve an album, it’s Trixie hands down period 100% don’t fax me.
  2. Aja performing “Glass and Patron” (FKA Twigs) – A highly rumored season 9 queen (if she is not on there, I will go into the street and scream for 5 hours). This performance will make you love Aja so so much.
  3. Porcelain performing at Drag Carnage  – Okay so Porcelain is one of my favorite people ever and while I am not a Rob Zombie fan, I remember watching this performance awhile back and sharing it with everyone.
  4. Novelí performing “Night Shift” at Dark Room – Noveli is also one of my favorite people ever and you know if someone performs to Siouxsie or any of the music I listen to that I am 100% hella about that.
  5. Vander Von Odd performing to Vampire Primitive mix – AND THIS IS WHY VANDER WON OKAY!!!!! *insert me telling you to go watch the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula series on Youtube right now* #Glampire
  6. Chad Michaels as Cher (and Marilyn Manson) – I have yet to see Chad in person, but as a person who is obsessed with Cher and a huge Chad Michaels fan….. I really really need to.
  7. Alyssa Edwards performing at Sway! – Okay so at first I wasn’t going to include performances that I had seen with my own eyes, but for Alyssa, I must because she is the BEST Rugirl performer I have seen live. Most of the video is her, and the other queens in the video you should definitely check out. This was the first pageant at Sway and it was more than fitting to have Alyssa there.
  8. Sharon Needles performing “Toxic” – As everyone knows, Sharon has been my #1 Rugirl since she went on. And early Sharon gives me hella life.
  9. Rhiannon Presents: Nightmare Before Christmas at Sway – Okay, another one I have seen in person but…. Rhiannon put on a hell of a show. Not only did Rhiannon, but the whole cast. You have to remember that in Arkansas, a live performance of Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t something you just come by too often. If you’ve not checked out Rhiannon Cortez or any of the Arkansas queens I had on my list of queens to know, then I highly suggest you check them out!
  10. Aquaria performs “Our God is an Awesome God – Okay first, you need to go check out the perfection of Aquaria’s instagram (@ageofaquaria). Now, I love this performance because I live for tongue in cheek, sacrilegious stuff. Sue me, I grew up in the Bible Belt.
  11. Sasha Velour performs “Hopelessly Devoted to You” – I have a serious Count Orlok fetish and obsession, and Sasha gives me life. Also another heavily rumored season 9 queen that I very much hope to see on there! **** Bonus because Sasha Velour is fundamental to your life ***

Thank you for reading and checking out these talented performers! ❤

157 Queens You Betta Be Knowin’ !

*My first post in quite awhile, I have a lot of life updates I will post blog entries about later and will try to write posts on here more regularly*

I have been wanting to make a list of need to know drag queens for awhile, but after watching and finishing Dragula, I was compelled to finally kick myself in the ass and get to it. This list will have queens who have not been on Drag Race and are not highly rumoured to be on season 9. I love and support all drag and art. Drag is an art and should be appreciated in all forms…. be it fishy, couture, scary, creepy, alternative, punk rock, filthy, or whatever. There is so much drag out there that is not yet showcased on Rupaul’s Drag Race and I want to share some amazing queens with you that I feel like you should check out. This is not to badmouth Rupaul’s Drag Race or Rugirls, seeing as I am a huge fan of the show (my favorite show only second to Dragula) and love every Rugirl and Rupaul himself with every fiber of my pansexual, drag obsessed anus. Drag has always spoken to me, even when I was a young kiddo. I remember my mother used to watch The Rupaul Show and I was always struck by Ru and everyone on the show. I remember my mom also being a John Waters and Divine fan, and so I credit her to initially introducing me to drag and LGBTQ+ icons.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is the list of queens you should definitely check out asap please (will include their instagram acount with each queen and commentary on a few):

  1. Porcelain (@ripporcelain) – One of my favorite queens of all time. Probably my favorite of all time. Always perfection.
  2. Novelí (@accentonthei) – One of my favorite people EVERRRRRRR. Deathrock realness perfection.
  3. Rhiannon Cortez (@rhiannoncortez) – I have known Rhiannon for a long time. We grew up together in the middle of nowhere, as the two weirdo vampire kids in black. Please check her out, she is my absolutely favorite Arkansas queen.
  4. Creme Fatale (@cremefatale) – Oh my god kawaii on steroids perfection. Everytime I see her photos on my Facebook or Instagram timeline, I envy everyone who gets to see her perform.
  5. Hexate (@hexate)
  6. Athena Sinclair (@athena_sinclair) – I know Athena and her performances are amazing. I still have her Athena dollars from one of her shows in my wallet.
  7. Soju Love (@soju_love) – FUCKING AMAZING PERFECTION OH MY GOD.
  8. Lady Boi (@thatsladyboi) – Lady Boi is sickening, kind, and a killer performer.  I always love seeing her when I go out in Little Rock
  9. Duo Raw (@duoraw) – Okay, I know a lot of people know them already BUT apparently some people don’t…. and EVERYONE should.
  10. Boulet Brothers (@bouletbrothers) – Again…. some people don’t know them (like what) but EVERYONE should dammit. Also go watch Dragula on Youtube if you haven’t already.
  11. Wednesday Westwood (@wednesday_westwood) – I just discovered Wednesday recently and I was so shook by every look, like damn.
  12. Ariel Versace (@arielversace) – Ariel is so fish, she’s the whole damn ocean. And I want all her wigs.
  13. Claire O’Win (@theonlyclaireowin) – I love seeing Claire’s posts on insta and reddit, and she is perfect.
  14. Lisa Limbaugh (@lisalimbaugh) – I can only hope you know who Lasagna Limbs is, and if you don’t…. you need to. #HausofPiss
  15. Rubber Child (@rubberchild) – Again, you need to know. #HausofPiss
  16. Eva Young (@evayoung_) – Another queen that is so immaculate that I want to cry in my crawl space.
  17. Symone Enchantress (@empress_symone) – Another Arkansas queen I know and love. She brings it and then some in performances and like damn, legs4dayz&thensome
  18. Cherry Kills (@queencherrykills) – One of my favorite people to see on Twitter.
  19. Ellis Atlantis (@ellis_atlantis)
  20. Discord Addams (@discordaddams) – Perfection
  21. Gidget Von Addams (@gidgetvonaddams)
  22. Reprobabe (@reprobabe) – I love love love Reprobabe and everytime I see her I get really excited. Punk as fuck okay.
  23. Aquaria (@ageofaquaria) – Aquaria did Lady Gaga better than Gaga.
  24. Meth (@dontdodrugsdometh)
  25. Boo Sutcliffe (@boosutcliffe)
  26. Raven Cortez (@raven.cortez)
  27. James Majesty (@jamesmajesty)
  28. Chloe Jacobs (@evannealjacobs)
  29. Loris (@lorisqueen) – Okay I’m including the Dragula queens on here because not enough people know about Dragula or the cast.
  30. Vander Von Odd (@vandervonodd) – She deserved that win
  31. Xochi Mochi (@xochi_mochi)
  32. Melissa Befierce (@melissa_befierce)
  33. Frankie Doom (@frankie_doom)
  34. Meatball (@spiciestmeatball)
  35. Pinche Queen (@pinchequeen)
  36. Foxie Adjuia (@foxie_adjuia)
  37. Ursula Major (@ifvckedursulamajor)
  38. J (@callme.j)
  39. Terra Rhyzen (@terrarhyzen)
  40. Kandy Muse (@thekandymuse) – The whole house of Aja is #goals
  41. Dahlia Sin (@dahlia_sin)
  42. MoMo Shade (@momoshade)
  43. Trannika Rex (@trannikarex) – Go to Chicago and see all her shows, and give her money and one bedazzled fanny pack.
  44. Layonya Grave (@lay0nya) – A local queen that I love and always has stellar lqqks.
  45. Wanda Screw (@wanda_screw)
  46. Maddelyn Hatter (@theonlymadd) –
  47. Chloe Knox (@chloeeknox)
  48. Heklina (@heklina) – another you should know and that I shouldn’t have to put on here. Hosts many shows (like Mother) and co-owns The Oasis.
  49. Lady Bunny (@official_lady_bunny) – another you should know already. SHE ORGANIZED WIGSTOCK IN THE 80S YO.
  50. Peaches Christ (@peaches_christ) – Another you should really know prior to this list.
  51. Louisianna Purchase (@louisiannapurchase)
  52. Eve Summers (@evesummersxo)
  53. Alexis Stone (@thealexisstone)
  54. Pulp Friction (@pulpfricti0n)
  55. Lucy Paradisco (@lucyparadisco)
  56. Ryan Burke (@ryburk) – Killer, killer lqqks.
  57. Marjorie Mayhem (@marjoriemayhem) – Someone get her 10 pugs now.
  58. Lamona Divine (@lamona_divine)
  59. Avarice London (@avarice_london)
  60. Anaol Fetale (@queenanaol)
  61. China dethcrash (@dethcrash)
  62. Amber Cadaverous (@ambercadaverous)
  63. Venice Cathrine De’Wilde (@venice_cathrine)
  64. Karen from Finance (@karenfromfinance) – you probably know her from UNHhhh!
  65. Jane Smoker (@janesmoker)
  66. Ally P Sha (@ally_p_sha)
  67. Anabelle Lektor (@anabellelektor)
  68. Phasma Attack (@queenphasmaattack)
  69. Monikkie Shame (@monikkie_shame)
  70. Anne Fetamine (@anne_fetamine)
  71. Veruca La’ Piranha (@h.r.h.empressveruca) – Was in the Haus of Haunt with Sharon and Alaska
  72. Saline (@thesaline)
  73. Bruise (@originalbruise) – another favorite from Twitter
  74. Ridge Gallagher (@ridgegallagher)
  75. Miss Ida Kay (@missidakay)
  76. Sussi (@thatgirlsussi) – you need to know.
  77. Mirage Amuro (@mirage_amuro)
  78. Serotonin (@serotoninhey)
  79. Omahyra Murad (@omahyramurad)
  80. Ruby Blue (@rubyybluee)
  81. Olana’ Ora’L (@olana_ora_londonna)
  82. London Adour (@xoxolondonadour)
  83. Halessia Rockefeller (@halessiar)
  84. May May Graves (@maymaygraves)
  85. Valium (@missvalium)
  86. Imp Queen (@imp_kid)
  87. Aurora Gozmic (@auroragozmic)
  88. Biancca Banks (@thefuckingbanks)
  89. Judy Darling (@thejudydarling)
  90. Nina Codorna (@ninacodorna)
  91. Amalara Sofia (@amalarasofiapr)
  92. Kahanna Montrese (@kahannamontrese) – You know who her mama is
  93. Rafaella Pop (@rafaella_pop)
  94. Holly White (@mikahollywhite)
  95. Lill Queen (@lillofficial)
  96. Harlet Wench (@harletwench)
  97. Gigi Galore (I do not think she uses instagram) – A seasoned Arkansas queen that you need to see live.
  98. Ms. Burley Chassis (@burleychassis)
  99. Tayla Macdonald (@taylamac)
  100. Chloe Waldorf (@chloewaldorf)
  101. Yvonne Nightstand (@yvonnenightstand)
  102. Hungry (@Isshehungry) – LOOK AT HUH SHE IS RAVENOUS AND FIERCE
  103. Mikayla Gottlieb (@gottmik)
  104. Victoria Mourning (@alexreedt)
  105. Blu Hydrangea (@bluhydrangea_)
  106. girl acne (@girlacne)
  107. Audrey Cortez (@itsaudreycortez)
  108. Lisa Frank Cortez (@darrolllb) – Another favorite to see on my club nights!
  109. Lacey Lou McFadyen (@laceymcfadyen)
  110. Dahli Delia the Devil Daughter (@dahlidelia)
  111. Envy Hart (@envioushart)
  112. Crystal Mess (@inmesswetrust)
  113. Judas Joe Manson (@judasjoemanson)
  114. Luna Lestrange (@misslunalestrange)
  115. Marsha Monster Mellow (@marshamonstermellow)
  116. Ruby Dee (@rubydeedragz)
  117. Yuri Guaii (@yuriguaii)
  118. Plastique Tiara (@plastiquetiara)
  119. Maldita Hammer (@malditahammer)
  120. April Rition (@april_rition)
  121. Nocturna Lee Mission (@nocturna_leemission)
  122. Dakota Dvyne (@dakotadvyne)
  123. Cake Dairy (@cakedairyinc)
  124. Skarlet Starlet (@theskarletstarlet)
  125. Lady Sin A Gaga (@ladysinagaga) – This is one of my favorite drag names ever.
  126. Heidi Glum (@milesdeniro)
  127. Mocha Lite (@vanillaheavy)
  128. Ragamuffin (@ragamuffin_nyc)
  129. Michelle Savvage (@miss.michelle.savvage)
  130. Dollya Black (
  131. Bleach (@bleachplease)
  132. Scylla Kone (@scyllakone)
  133. Atena Roxy (@atenaroxxy)
  134. Y_Kenzo_ (@y_kenzo_)
  135. Deamonium (@deam_onium)
  136. Dorothime (@dorothime)
  137. Kaya Conky (@kayabixa)
  138. Condessa Cabalista (@condessa.c)
  139. Kalista Stage (@kalistastage)
  140. Luxe Trapp (@luxetrapp)
  141. Pangea (@pangeas_planet)
  142. Shania Satisfaction (@shaniasatisfaction)
  143. Sabrina Laurence (@sabrina_laurence)
  144. Melee Mcqueen (@meleemcqueen)
  145. Gluttoni Sinn (@churchofsinn)
  146. Kari Oki (@kariokiki)
  147. Aloe Vera (@gardenofaloe)
  148. Jessica L’Whor (@the_l.whor)
  149. Cheddar Gorgeous (@cheddar_gorgeous)
  150. Anna Phylactic (@annaphylactic1)
  151. Grace Oni Smith (@grace_oni_smith)
  152. Violet Blonde (@violetofficial)
  153. Liquorice Black (@liquorice_black)
  154. Yolo Ono (@yoloono_chi) – that name tho
  155. Lucky Stiff (@lucky.stiff)
  156. Brigiding/Gigi Valentine (@brigiding)
  157. Kameron Micheals (@danekameron) – Go look at his instagram and tell me how his Marilyn Manson look made you think it was a legit old photo of Manson.


Okay so if you know me, then you’re probably like “Where’s Aja you love Aja more than your own self???” While I did include the rest of the House of Aja, I did not include Aja  (@ajathekween on instagram) herself because she is rumored (and very likely is) on season 9. I also did not include Sasha Velour (@sashavelour), Shea Coulee (@sheacoulee), Farrah Moan (@farrahrized), and Kimora Blac (@kimorablac) who are all also very highly rumored to be on season 9. If you’ve not checked them out (shame on you) please check them out on instagram and also here I will list links to one of their performances each:


One last thing: if you’ve not kept in check with these queens after their time on the show, I highly recommend going on their instagram and checking out what they’re into now/how much more perfect they’ve gotten:

Okay, thank you so much for reading this post and please check these queens out and remember…. support your local queens and artists!!!! ❤

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